Can Bee Subtain the Business Model

Someone deliver groceries to my house on Sunday afternoon.

I inquired which company and my ex girlfriend replied cheerfully that she got HonestBee to do the shopping occupation. How do they bring in?”

I share that there must be some sort of revenue sharing model with place and the supermarkets targeting to use free lance resources that are local so as manage cost and to cut short the distance. But understanding the cut throat gross profit in the supermarket group, how much can HonestBee get in order to cover Variable (the picker/shopper & transportation price) Operating cost and still generate a healthy return to investors and stockholders? My grocery stores bill is $36.

This is not an eProduct.
There’s physical human work demanded in the process unless they are able to use robot to automate the entire process.
When it involves job work their age group which is not cheap.

Someone got to pay the invoice.
It’s either consumer, producer or in this case, venture capitalists.
And when the financing party sober up eventually, HonestBee really need to pay.